Week of December 8

Jersey City Shooting

 The shooting in Jersey City last night in which a kosher supermarket was a target is the latest antisemitic incident to bring sorrow to our community. Although we don't know yet if the murdered include Jews, police report that the shooter attacked the marketplace with the intention of harming Jews.

This incident is another reminder that we are living in a different era with regard to antisemitism than ever before in this country. The forecast for violence against Jews in the United States could be seen across the Atlantic more than two decades ago in France and more recently than that in Great Britain.

At the Jericho Jewish Center, we are fortunate that Ivan Fried heads our security committee and actively engages in finding ways to make us safer in this volatile time.

The Jewish people is well-versed in perseverance, but perseverance cannot be the only tool in our tool kit. We need a variety of ways to respond to this threat. I hope that each of you will seek to educate yourselves about the nature of the antisemitic threat we are facing at this moment in our country. Perhaps, I should even organize some discussions, so that we can unpack our thoughts about this troubling phenomenon together.

More important than anything in responding to hate is deepening our bonds with one another, resisting isolation, and continuing to come together in all kinds of ways. While what we are experiencing here is not nearly as severe as what Israelis went through with suicide bombings during the early 2000's, we can still seek them as a model of a society that emerged stronger and more cohesive after enduring an upsurge in violent antisemitism.